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StarKist® Website

Landing The Job

StarKist® came to Gatesman realizing the importance of responsive design asking if we could retrofit their current website. From experience, I know that this process can take just as much time as rebuilding the site from scratch and advised them to consider a total overhaul. Working with the creative director, Jeff Barton, we did some research into popular modern CPG sites and came up with a few designs to get them excited. As the Lead User Experience Designer on the team, I started with a competitive and comparative analysis with leaders in the CPG arena that included brands like Bumble Bee Tuna, Chicken of the Sea, Hidden Valley, Smuckers, and Uncle Ben.

The Right Structure

We concentrated heavily on information architecture because of StarKist’s extensive product offering. We wanted to make sure that the content was organized in a way that the user was familiar with when purchasing tuna. We discussed all of the options: Do they shop by flavor? Packaging? Size? Price? Focus groups were conducted to gain insights on tuna consumption. In the end, we needed a solution that would make sense for both how the user shopped as well as a structure that would allow growth as StarKist added new products and potentially different seafoods came onboard. In addition, I created user flows for their community area that includes touch points with email and social.


Time Increase in Session Durations

We <3 Charlie

This was a super exciting and fun project for everyone involved. Another large opportunity was to capitalize on such a beloved personality, Charlie the Tuna, and to inject small surprises throughout the site. The team really rocked it. The initial site was designed by the very talented Arther Germer.