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PPG Industries

In 2013 I was responsible for the both the user experience and the user interface of the new website redesign. I did extensive planning, conducted a detailed competitive analysis, created the information architecture, wireframes, and final design.

During the predesign phase of the redesign conducted a content audit, took inventory of all the current pages on the site and created a sitemap for the future site. This allowed us to get the big picture of how many pages the site contained and easily reorganize the structure to better fit our users needs.

In the past, PPG’s business units were each allowed to create their own web identities. With the new design, corporate was asking that the businesses bring their main identities back into the structure. (This excludes customer marketing sites.) One of the larger challenges was making sure the businesses needs could all be met inside this master structure, and if there were still sites that diverted with their own navigation, how could we promote the “PPG hub.”