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The White House Frontiers Conference 2016

Screams ran through the office “OBAMA IS LOOKING AT MY DESIGNS!”

When your work is being directly approved by The White House, it’s pretty exciting, but challenging.

In the late summer of 2016, Gatesman stepped up to create a site for The White House, hosted by Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh. The timeline was very tight, the design and functionality all needed to be simple but innovative, MVP style… and above all ADA compliant with section 508 and accessible by ALL users.

Go! Go! Go!

For this project I led the User Experience efforts, working in tandem with Kelsey Pledger a Junior UX Designer. The site was designed by Matt Axman and developed by the talented Mike Wellman.

This project had a very quick, 3 week turn around.

Our team was used to working in a formal waterfall process: research, information architecture, wireframes, mock-ups, then development. In this case, we didn’t have time for the whole blown out process, so we got scrappy. I facilitated collaborative white board sessions that included all disciplines. We worked together on the sitemap and wires and did a lot of design browser.

The direction was “simple but innovative” and was executed with a clean vibrant design and subtle CSS3 animations.

Frontiers Sitemap