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Erica is a skilled designer who can take the very complex, and it into real resources for users.

Amanda Schroeder

Senior Analytics Consultant , LunaMetrics

User Interviews, Facilitation, Competitive Research, Sitemaps, Wireframes, Designs. (All the things)

My name is Erica Hayes, I have been designing and developing since 2000, when I instantly fell in love.

Back then, things were a lot different. I got my first taste for design and coding making small graphics for friends and counting pixels for image maps using Microsoft Paint.

Going to the Art Institute for my Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Design was an easy decision for me. I started doing freelance work while I was a student and graduated in 2006 on the Dean’s List.

Every project is different. And when you work on a project with me, we collaborate and decide on a plan of action. I love finding those key users insights that we can use to make someones life easier or experience more meaningful. 

Erica is one of those teachers that makes your class fun and interesting. You want to be there and you want to learn. She also took the time to help me realize the areas that I excel in so that I could focus on that moving forward. Not every teacher will do that.

Damion Strong

Web Design Student, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

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